Indie Solo Dev: Rod Tyson

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there, I’m Rod Tyson a solo indie game developer from the UK (currently living in the USA). I’ve been creating games using Unity for around 6 years.

What game are you currently working on?

I’m working on Hive Quest- a game about managing your insect hive in an enchanted wood. Involving resource collection, pet management, spells & magic, puzzles and exploration in a huge environment.

What inspired Hive Quest?

Originally inspired by Lionhead studio’s 2002 hit Black & White (one of my fave games) as well as a wonderful garden my wife & I planted a few summers ago 😀 Hive Quest has evolved a lot, with many things added, some things taken out and lots of plans for new features. The game is inspired also by a desire to bring something immersive, new and unusual to the world of gaming.

What makes Hive Quest special?

Hive Quest is a game with many levels. Exploring a beautiful world, unusual puzzles, strange, endearing pets, mysterious plot lines, hive management, battles, funny characters with voice acting. There’s so much going on, players will be drawn into this immersive world as they take their tribe on a journey through a strange woodland to find a new home.

How is Hive Quest different to other games in the genre?

Hive Quest is meant to be an unusual game. It doesn’t fit snugly into one genre but involves elements of several. Adventure, puzzles, strategy and pet management to name the most obvious. Combining this with a beautiful, hand crafted, open world environment just waiting to be explored offers a rich experience with lots of depth to keep players entertained.

What’s currently happening in development for Hive Quest?

IRight now I’m gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign. This means creating a demo version to show potential backers and the press, so that’s what I’m working towards. Hive Quest did have a demo released last year to get some feedback from fans. This latest demo is a much improved version as a result.

At this very moment I’m working on finessing the AI and emotional responses of the pet creatures so they have a little personality all their own.

When is Hive Quest being released?

Hive Quest will likely be released in 2021. Exactly when will depend on the level of support and funding the game receives from the community.

Where is the best place to get the latest news about Hive Quest?

Twitter (regular updates) –

KICKSTARTER pre launch page –

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Hive Quest?

Being a solo indie game dev requires patience and dedication. Hive Quest has a growing community of fans but making people aware of what is happening is super important and poses the biggest challenge to all indie game developers.

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