Indie Studio: GX4

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio.

Hi there! I’m Andy Kirpach, and we’re called GX4. We’re an international indie team of five, with most of us scattered around Japan, and one guy based in Germany.

Everyone has to wear many different hats, and I’ve both been acting as the lead on our current game, and as a programmer for some of the systems.

Roughly half of us are employed in the games industry while the rest have non-related jobs, so we’ve been developing this game in our free time. All of us are enthusiastic about evoking strong emotions through gameplay.

When we’re able to get together, we eat omurice and talk about fun game projects.

What game are you currently working on?

In “Tetra: Mine Breakout” you play as a robot girl stuck in a deep mine. Equipped with your gravity gun, you must find your way out while avoiding blocks falling from above and lava rising from below. The game gets harder as you go!

What inspired Tetra: Mine Breakout?

We’ve been strongly inspired by Tetris & Portal for the physics & puzzles and BioShock for the steampunk aesthetic! We combine that with an anime stylization for the main character, based on blocky figurines commonly found here in Japan.

What makes Tetra: Mine Breakout special?

Our game is for masochistic perfectionists.

You must meticulously rearrange blocks while making snap decisions about where to go and how to use your limited ammo. Our game is crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat, completely focused, and delivers on the satisfying moments of narrowly escaping death.

Once you’re done, you’re exhausted. But it’s a good kind of exhaustion, because you can feel yourself getting better.

How is Tetra: Mine Breakout different to other games in the genre?

We think our blend of Tetris-style fixed-step puzzle physics with platformer mechanics is pretty fresh for the arcade genre.

We’re putting you in a world which ticks according to different rules than you, and it’s interesting to see players fight with the system to try and exploit it. You can do some pretty cool moves if you figure them out!

What’s currently happening in development for Tetra: Mine Breakout?

We’ve just made the game public! Now we’re working on fixing small bugs and improving the visual quality of the game. We’re also thinking of adding some new mechanics to make the game more deep and engaging.

When is Tetra: Mine Breakout being released?

The game is being released initially on Steam Early Access in Q1 2021, with full release in 2022. The game is live on both iOS and Android!

We’d be thrilled if you gave it a try!


Where is the best place to get the latest news about Tetra: Mine Breakout?

Our Twitter! @game_tetra

You can also e-mail us here:

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Tetra: Mine Breakout?

It’s free!

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