Indie Studio: Captilight

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio.

Hello! My name is Deana Galbraith and I’m the CEO and Creative Director at Captilight. We’re an indie game studio located in Orlando, FL. We focus on creating narrative-driven games that are thought-provoking. Along with developing our own IPs we also offer art, game development and marketing services.

What game are you currently working on?

We’re currently working on Path of Kami, a game about a spirit wolf, Akatsu, who is on a journey to the spirit world to reincarnate else he’ll disappear forever. He encounters a wisp and other wolf friends on the way, learning about his death and facing obstacles to overcome his feelings about it. The game is about connections and relationships between family and friends. It’s a 3D, exploration game with watercolor aesthetics and a Japanese themed world. Players have to collect spirit fire and use it to light lanterns to solve puzzles.

What inspired Path of Kami?

We take inspiration from several games, in the beginning, there was a large focus on Child of Light, GRIS and Okami.

What makes Path of Kami special?

Path of Kami is a casual game that can be picked up and played at any time. It’s easy to learn and although there is a level of progression for difficulty, ultimately its meant to be light-hearted and fun. For anyone that enjoys exploration or Japanese themed games, this will definitely be something to check out!

How is Path of Kami different to other games in the genre?

Our focus is subtly telling the narrative to the player whether that’s through environmental storytelling or through game mechanics. For example, our main theme for the game is connections/relationships. We represent this through our spirit fire mechanic where Akatsu can borrow his wolf friends spirit fire to solve certain puzzles. In this way, his friends are helping Akatsu through his journey.

What’s currently happening in development for Path of Kami?

We have just recently finished prototyping our core mechanic involving spirit fire and different types of puzzles. We’re moving into the vertical slice stage where we’ll iron out other mechanics and start building more of the world. So we’re still pretty early in development!

Since finishing our prototype were kinda back to the drawing board and doing pre-production work, figuring out what all we should have for our levels, puzzles, working on developing new mechanics and more.

When is Path of Kami being released?

We’re hoping sometime next year if things go well. We plan on releasing our prototype soon and a demo sometime later this year.

Where is the best place to get the latest news about Path of Kami?

Following us on social media (@Captilight) or joining our newsletter:

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