Indie Studio: Yellowcake Games

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio.

I´m Joram Wolters, I´m co-founder, game designer and 2D artist at Yellowcake Games. Yellowcake Games was founded in 2017 as a collaboration between Lance Krasniqi (co-founder, developer), Viktor Trisjin (co-founder, 3D artist) and me. We mainly make small colorful games.

What game are you currently working on?

We’re working on Dashing Dodgems, a 3D multiplayer top-down bumper car battle-game about destroying cities and friendships.

What inspired Dashing Dodgems?

Bumper cars! We really wanted something whimsical and fun that immediately conveys harmless destructibility and bumper cars hit that aesthetic exactly.

What makes Dashing Dodgems special?

It has a lot of arcade-y charm and the kind of chaotic mayhem that’s typical for local-multiplayer type games, but with very tightly polished controls and art. We encourage players to get into situations that will allow players to react to each other, and through that ensure that players are always engaged with each other.

How is Dashing Dodgems different to other games in the genre?

Probably the complete destructibility – everything in the environment is destructible! After a couple of minutes of play we even start blowing up the very ground you drive on.

What’s currently happening in development for Dashing Dodgems?

We’re doing a funding drive! We’re in contact with publishers and funding organisations to get ourselves funded for the next step of development. We also just got our office so we can stop.. working.. from eh… home.

When is Dashing Dodgems being released?

We’re hoping to release a demo across pc platforms soon! We can’t really say anything about a definite release date for the full version as of yet.

Where is the best place to get the latest news about Dashing Dodgems?

We regularly tweet about our game on @yellowcakegame

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