Indie Solo Dev: AJ

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio.

Hey! I’m AJ, game developer from Venezuela. I’ve been making web games and jam entries for about 5 years.

What game are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my first commercial game, A Pretty Odd Bunny. It is a stealth-platformer about a Bunny who is allergic to carrots and likes to eat pigs.

What inspired A Pretty Odd Bunny?

I’ve always been a fan of things that mix cuteness with creepy or dark backgrounds, like early Tim Burton’s movies or some of Nintendo’s more wacky games like Majora’s Mask or Link’s Awakening. I think that way of telling stories was the basis for A Pretty Odd Bunny.

What makes A Pretty Odd Bunny special?

This game has a very peculiar premise, you hear: ‘A Bunny that eats pigs!’ And you think ‘Lol, what? I need to try that’ But then if the actual game is dull, you will stop playing after a few levels. That’s why I tried my best to make the game actually fun to play. You’ll find that each level is like a little puzzle. You have your main objective (reaching the pig) but each level makes that goal a bit more difficult to achieve. The game introduces new challenges every few levels so when you think you have it figured out there’s a new thing in your way. That happens all the way to the end, so even in the last level there will be a few surprises waiting for you.

How is A Pretty Odd Bunny different to other games in the genre?

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a platformer that respects people’s time. Not saying other games don’t do that, but a lot of games aim to be packed with content, big levels, tons of collectibles and characters, which is cool sometimes, but I appreciate smaller experiences too from time to time. Like you have big and sprawling novels but then there are the short tales that are also pretty good. A Pretty Odd Bunny is a short tale. And I think that compact nature is a great opportunity to make an experience packed with challenges and fun bits. Stealth games are usually slow, because they want you to stop and think your next move. In A Pretty Odd Bunny there’s little time to think. Characters move fast and you kind of feel an urge to get to the goal as fast as possible which ends up leading you to a fastpaced and hilarious gameplay experience.

The game also has a crazy story surrounding the whole thing, it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay but for players looking for that extra bit of context, they will find clues in every level that will make them understand what happened to this Bunny and why he’s so different from the rest.

What’s currently happening in development for A Pretty Odd Bunny?

I’m currently finishing the development of Chapter 2 which will be available soon. A Pretty Odd Bunny will have 4 chapters. I’m developing the game on my own with help from my friend RenĂ© Rivera in the music and sound design department.

When is A Pretty Odd Bunny being released?

You can play Chapter 1 for free here:

Chapter 2 will be available in April with Chapter 3 and 4 following soon after.

Where is the best place to get the latest news about A Pretty Odd Bunny?

I’m currently sharing all the development info on my twitter

That’s probably the best place to get news on the current status of the game. Come say Hi! whenever you want.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about A Pretty Odd Bunny?

This game is a passion project. It started as a fun experiment that quickly grew into something more special. My goal is to make a fun and exciting experience for people to enjoy wherever they want. That means also releasing in as many platforms as possible (fingers crossed!). Whenever I see someone smiling while playing the game I feel completed. So I hope you give it a try and have some fun with it. That’s the main goal.

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